"Bison On Southern Vancouver Island"


Heart Healthy Extra lean Bison Meat

Today, more than ever before, a growing number of British Columbians are experiencing the sweet richness of Morning Star Bison meat.

Doctors and Dietitians ~ recommend heart-healthy Bison Meat

All our Bison are born and raised right here on Vancouver Island BC. Our Bison meat is simply delicious! It tastes similar to fine beef, with just a slightly sweeter and richer flavor. Bison is naturally flavorful and tender and can be prepared much the same as beef.

Our premium quality Bison meat is tasty, nutritious and heart-healthy. Whether you're looking for a great roast, superb steak or a hearty stew, Buffalo offers you a red meat that is lower in calories, cholesterol and has about one quarter the amount of fat found in other red meats.

  • 100% Vancouver Island Born & Raised. Local, Gentle and all Natural
  • 60% to 80% less fat (depending upon the cut of the meat.)
  • 35% less cholesterol than beef (+less than chicken with the skin removed.)
  • 30% higher in protein and less calories.
  • No growth-inducing hormones, steroids or antibiotics
  • 100% MSG Free and NO GMOs - Genetically Modified Feeds
  • No known human allergies
  • And best of all:

    Your Satisfaction is my Guarantee

Located in BC on Southern Vancouver Island, the Morning Star Bison Ranch serves all British Columbia. Vancouver, Lower Mainland . Vancouver Island, from Victoria, Duncan, Ladysmith, Nanaimo to Campbell River and all points beyond throughout BC. Visit our products page to place your order. We offer a wide choice of meat packs for households and the food service Industry.