Morning Star Bison Ranch. Bison Ranch Tourism Events on Vancouver Island BC

"Bison Ranch Tour Events on Vancouver Island"


Take a Ride with the Buffalo 


Ranch Tours are now Closed for the Winter

(2018. We open at the Summer Solstice and close at the  Autumn Equinox) 

-----  Year-round meat sales call 250-713-3111  -----

Admission to the Ranch is Free

The fee for the train or convertible bus ride is $20.00 per adult and $5.00 for kids.

Friday - Saturday - Sunday    

The Buffalo Bus leaves the Station at 11 am

965 Spruston Rd, in the Cassidy Highlands (Nanaimo)

Concession Kitchen:  open 10 - 4

* Buffalo Burgers  * Dogs   * Ice Cream  * Drinks  * Frozen Meat Sales

Welcome to Morning Star Bison Ranch

Up in the pristine Cassidy Highlands just south of Nanaimo BC lies a home where the buffalo roam on beautifully sculpted fields which is the home of Bob Wilson's, Morning Star Bison Ranch.

Located at 965 Spruston Rd just 5.8 kms from the Island Highway. Come and visit us during our open hours and purchase many cuts of bison. During these hours our concession kitchen is open and you can purchase a tasty bison burger, dogs and smokies, chilli and meat pies. Every thing Buffalo.

In addition to pre-booked tour bus excursions, the ranch is open to the general public for rides with Buffalo Bob as the conductor and narrator on our new Buffalo Bus where you will ride into the fields and interact with the Bison up close.

Cedarwood Productions  filming the television series, "Flavours of the West Coast" .  Chef Ali Ryan seen here interviewing Buffalo Bob

See up close as 2000lbs of walking majesty will pose for you to take some awesome pictures, and you can actually feed them their favorite treat - Buffalo cookies!


Of course, safety always comes first on the ranch and our guests approach the gentle herd on our new convertible bus or veiw the herd from behind the fences. You are always accompanied by Buffalo Bob himself. Remember to bring your cameras and videos to share and show off your special experiences on the ranch.

Educational material and talks will be held throughout your stay and you will leave enhanced by what you have seen and heard

Somewhere along the way, be it before your tour or after, you may wish to have an enjoyable lunch at the ranch's    Yippy Ki' Yeah Café’    Concession Kitchen.

Visitors Welcome:    Free Admission

Large Groups of 20 or more, Let us know you're coming please.  

Bus Tours and schools can pre-book a special day.... and we'll be ready to welcome you.

This is no ordinary outing! Akin to whale watching, except you will always be able to get up close to the bison, no risk of non encounters! And really if you only want to come out to enjoy a couple of hours of paradise....this would certainly suffice!