"Bison on Southern Vancouver Island"

Buffalo bob's tips

  • Give your health and taste buds a treat, and eat BUFFALO, North America's Original Health Food.
  • Today, doctors all over the country are recommending bison meat as the healthy meat for you.
  • Buffalo meat is lean and has what diet-conscious women want -- lots of iron and less fat than most cuts of beef.
  • Native Indians did not have heart disease or cancer,
    their diet consisted of Buffalo or Bison - - Shouldn’t yours?
  • Bison meat is versatile and satisfying, easy to prepare, and can be used in any recipe requiring beef.
  • Our Bison meat is raised without the use of growth hormones, sub-therapeutic antibiotics.
  • Our all Natural Bison meat contains no MSG, Nitrates, Nitrites, Sodium Benzoate, Hydrogenated Oils, Artificial Sweeteners nor Artificial Preservatives.
  • Today, more than ever before, a growing number of people are experiencing the sweet richness of bison meat.
  • Buffalo is increasingly more popular in restaurants and dinner tables, bison is regularly part of a memorable eating experience.
  • Bison are raised naturally without the use of growth hormones, stimulants, antibiotics or animal by-products.
  • Scientifically, the true name for the North American Buffalo is "Bison"
  • Bison is a healthy choice. No Growth Stimulants. No Growth Hormones. No Antibiotics in Feeds.
  • “The iron content is about 3 milligrams in a 3 1/2-ounce uncooked portion" says Marty Marchello, Ph.D., at North Dakota State University.
  • Buffalo meat is very similar to beef in flavour, but with a richer taste. Buffalo meat is not gamey and is dense so you will feel full faster.
  • The key to cooking Bison properly is LOW & SLOW! Buffalo meat is best cooked rare to medium
  • Use lower cooking temperature for cooking Buffalo because Bison meat is extra lean.
  • Buffalo meat is not full of drugs, antibiotics, nitrites, or chemicals.
  • Many people who have problems eating other red meats, can often eat buffalo without any problems. Buffalo don't get cancer.
  • Since there is no marbling and less fat in buffalo, it has a tendency to cook more rapidly.
  • Native American prophecy says that the birth of a white buffalo will herald a new era of peace and prosperity in the world.
  • Bison meat is a highly nutrient dense food because of the proportion of protein, fat, mineral, and fatty acids to its caloric value.
  • Comparisons to other meat sources have shown that bison meat has a greater concentration of iron, zinc and essential fatty acids.
  • Bison meat contains the “essential fatty acids”, linoleic (omega - 3) and linoleic (omega - 6) fatty acids.