Scientific Research Grant Recipient

The ARC project has been recipient of a Scientific Research and Experimental Development Grant from Revenue Canada. SR&ED.

After a thorough review by Revenue-Canada, including audits and onsite inspections by It's science advisors with the National Research Council of Canada the ARC rescue craft project was approved for the grant.

The Grant funding comes in the form of an annual 35% tax credit on all SR&ED work done on the ARC. If the grant is not collected as a tax credit, then 35% of the capital invested in its research and development can be invoiced to Revenue-Canada and becomes a receivable for the company.

More about the ARC

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, global sea level has risen about 4 inches (10 cm) during the past century. It says if all the Earth's glaciers melted, which is unlikely, sea levels would rise by 260 feet (80 meters). Antarctica, the fifth largest continent, contains about 90 percent of the world's glacial ice.....more

Asteriod Impact

Billions of Asteriods are speeding through space. Earth, our Moon and Mars have all been hit by Asteriods many times before and its not a matter of IF we get hit again, but WHEN?

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